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Business and Office Skills QQI Level 4

Woodwork and Home Improvement QQI Level 3

Woodwork and Home Improvement QQI Level 3
Catering Skills QQI Level 3 & 4

VTCT Hospitality and Catering Level 1

VTCT Hairdressing and Beauty Level 2

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Professional Commitment

Learners will develop their skills and knowledge in a practical setting using a Kitchen Facility/Hair Salon/Wood Technology Workshop and a Computer Suite.This practical exposure will complement the theory aspect of the modules.

This award is designed to provide training opportunities to raise skills levels of unemployed people and facilitating progression towards labour market participation.The programme aims to provide learners with the skill, knowledge and competence to obtain employment or progress to further education and training while developing key transferable skill, appropriate to their identified career path.

All modules are certified by VTCT and QQI to national standards

The majority of the assessment is completed via project work or portfolios – there are very few examinations, and most are only a portion of the marks. The courses are orientated towards doing rather than learning/repeating theory.

Progression Options From Thurles Community Training Centre

Thurles Community Training Centre supports young people to lay the foundations to their career path planning and setting out clear and measurable goals in achieving their potential.


With the completion of a QQI Major Award, these young people have now reached a level of attainment which allows them to transition into further education or further training. 


Those completing their training successfully have an option to pursue employment or to continue their training. Learners will find the training covered in their Employability Skills Course and the Pathway to Employment Course prepares them for the work environment. Consistent, punctual attendance, communication, teamwork, customer service skills and IT skills will ensure that learners are able to fulfill their potential in employment.


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1 %
of learners progress to employment or further education
the minimum number Minor Awards each learners will achieve
the average number of learners per annum that progress to Linked Work Experience

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